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Package management in TwinCAT3

Package management in TwinCAT3

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Package management in TwinCAT3

WELCOME TO OUR TEAMOur team consists of driven Software Engineers. A dedicated and enthusiastic group of people who are there for one another.

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Our team consists of driven Software Engineers. A dedicated and enthusiastic group of people who are there for one another. We really are partners. We know where to find one another quickly and are happy to think collaboratively. We work in close collaboration with our Mechanical and Electrical Engineer colleagues in one room, bringing out the best in one another. We are also keen to share our knowledge with one another: we organize lunch & learn sessions monthly, known as katas.

As an intern or graduate you will be given space to develop yourself, both personally and in terms of your specialism. You really are a part of the team and will get all the support you need from your colleagues. You work independently and show initiative. Furthermore, you will have the freedom and at the same time take responsibility to structure and execute your research as you wish.


Our software has grown over the years and the platforms we use have changed throughout the years. For our control software we use TwinCAT3 as our basis. TwinCAT3 offers to use object-oriented programming and use of libraries. Where .Net can use nuget, python can use pip we don’t have something comparable available for TwinCAT3. Your assignment is to research if there is something available either via our supplier or in the community what we could use for package management. If nothing is available then you have to create something that does the job.

Therefore you have to research and test available solutions for package management in TwinCAT3. If nothing is available, create a simple solution that achieves the same goal. Then integrate the solution into the local development environments of our software engineers and integrate the solution into our CI/CD environment. You also have to document the whole solution.


Level of education: Hbo-ICT (higher professional education, ICT), Technical Computer Science or Software Engineering  


  • An internship allowance of €400.00 gross per month, or a graduation allowance of €450.00 gross per month.
  • High-quality equipment and materials you will need in order to carry out your work properly.
  • A very educational internship within our innovative organization.
  • All freedom and responsibility to complete your assignment successfully.
  • Although you are an intern, you will be considered a full member of our team.
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