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Diverse software stage- en afstudeeropdrachten

Diverse software stage- en afstudeeropdrachten

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Diverse software stage- en afstudeeropdrachten

WORKING AT VOORTMAN STEEL MACHINERY?Together with Voortman Steel Construction, Voortman Steel Machinery is part of the Voortman Steel Group and is one of the main players in the international market. The companies within the Voortman Steel Group mutually reinforce one another by sharing knowledge and market information.

Part-time HBO Rijssen ID 97573



Together with Voortman Steel Construction, Voortman Steel Machinery is part of the Voortman Steel Group and is one of the main players in the international market. The companies within the Voortman Steel Group mutually reinforce one another by sharing knowledge and market information. With international subsidiaries, the company is globally a recognised and leading supplier for the steel construction and manufacturing industry. Seeing ideas become a reality: it sounds nice but it really does happen at Voortman Steel Machinery. And these are ground-breaking ideas. We make the most innovative machinery and product lines for the steel construction and plate-processing industry for customers around the world.


Our software is used all over the world in a lot of different languages. We currently use an in-house developed solution for creating translation keys and exchanging data with translation companies. During this assignment you’d be researching into standard solutions, implementing one of these solutions and integrating it with our software stack.


Our robotic installations currently use a limited number of measuring points, gathered by tactile probing of the material. In the near future we might expand this with vision technology, mainly to gather measurement data faster.

Depending on the type of scanner a loss of measure points may occur in a very short time. The challenge is to filter this data and extract the useful information for us.

There are a number of interesting areas to investigate:

  • How to handle a lot of measure points (memory, database, KD tree)
  • Noise reduction and plane recognition
  • Requesting certain values from the ‘point cloud’ (flange to flange distance, profile dimensions)
  • Visualization for operators / service and debuggers
  • Debugging the data and the data retrieval
  • Testing the consistency and reliability offline
  • Types of measurement (laser 2.5D / 3D) and hardware


In the Fabricator, our fully automated assembly and welding system, there is a dialogue for editing welding parameters. There are a lot of welding parameters in the system based on the type of weld, size of weld, size of material. Many things can be adjusted including amperage, voltage, weaving patterns, sloped speed etc. All this is currently editable in a WinForms dialogue, but we would like this to be converted into a proper MVVM system using WPF.

The goal is to get a smooth experience and clear visual feedback of the adjusted settings and their influence on the end product and assist the operator or service tech in doing their job.

Depending on the assignee, this assignment could focus mainly on UI/UX and determining the optimal user interface for the users or it could focus mainly on a clean implementation in WPF. Ideally, the assignee would have experience with both or is willing to learn in one of both areas.


Wouldn’t it be great to be part of one of our development teams at our Software department? Learn from the best and work on diverse topics during your internship. You’ll learn for example about using MVVM in WPF applications, the joy of working with new technologies and the pain of wrong decisions in the past and how to deal with those today. You take part in all the aspects of working as a software developer in a development team: the meetings, coding new functionality and dealing with deadlines.


Our Software Development department consists of an enthusiastic team of Software Engineers, working daily on software solutions for our machinery. We are divided into multiple development teams, each with its own specialism, such as machine configuration or Robotics. The majority of Software Engineers work with .NET, but we also have a team working on the PLC layer of our software. We all do this in VACAM, our in-house developed software package.

As an intern or graduate you will get the space to learn and develop yourself, both personally as professionally. You really are a part of the team and will be given all support needed from your colleagues. You work independently and show initiative. Furthermore, you will have the freedom and you will take responsibility to structure and execute your research as you would like it.;


  • Level of education: HBO-ICT (higher professional education, ICT)


Voortman is a company where all are willing to support one another. A company with a pleasant working environment. We are convinced that this contributes to the performance of all our employees, interns and graduates. During your final-year assignment or work-placement you will be assigned an experienced supervisor or coach. If both sides feel positive about it, then we will be happy to enter talks with you. Who knows, you may well be joining us in the end.

  • A work-placement allowance of €400.00 gross per month or a final year allowance of €450.00 gross per month.
  • High-quality equipment and materials you will need in order to carry out your work properly.
  • Regardless of whether you are a final-year student or a work-placement trainee, you will be a full member of our team.
  • A very educational work-placement or final-year assignment within our innovative organisation.
  • All freedom and responsibility to complete your assignment successfully.


Awesome! We are curious about you as well. We would like to get in touch and discuss the possibilities over a cup of coffee. Who knows, this might be the first step in your career at Voortman. Please respond by sending an e-mail to werkenbij@voortmansteelgroup.com or calling +31 (0)548-53 63 73. See you soon! Would you like to have some more information on the assignment first? Then contact Annelon Beltman or Patrick Aalders.

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